Manage your meeting scheduling effortlessly with Vivocalendar

You can offer 24/7 appointment booking, payments, passes, subscriptions, and client communication with Vivocalendar

Fully Customizable Booking Widget

Personalize your booking panel to your preferences

Responsive Design

The optimum customer experience that responds to the environment of users

Multi booking feature

Make multiple appointments in same booking session

Customer Panel

Allow customers to manage their appointments and customer profiles via front-end customer panel

Custom Forms

Customize your booking process with element-rich form builder and create conditions with Conditional Fields

Conditional Prices

Unlock Dynamic Pricing Strategies with Conditional Prices

Vivomeetings Integration

Automatically create meetings upon appointments and send meeting URLs to customers and staff

Custom Durations

Add multiple durations for each service and set specific prices for each duration

Waiting List

Allow customers join a waitlist when the timeslot is busy

Zoom Integration

Automatically create Zoom meetings upon appointments and send meeting urls to customers and staff

Google Calendar 2-way Sync

Effectively manage your schedule with shared calendar

Workflows module

Automate every action related to your Appointments and build business processes by using Workflow

Email Notifications

Send emails to clients on appoints’ approval, time change, payment confirmation

SMS Notifications

Send instant SMS notifications about the status of appointments (Twilio, Amazon SNS integrations)

WhatsApp Notifications

Enhance customer relations with WhatsApp messages

Telegram notifications

Send telegram notifications to admin or Staff


Advanced reminders to ensure the on-time delivery of your services

Webhook ( Zapier, IFTTT, etc )

Send different types of HTTP/HTTPS requests by using advanced request builder

Conversion Tracking

Easily track the conversions with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations

PayPal Payments (coming soon)

PayPal Payment Gateway integration for Vivocalendar

Stripe Payments

Stripe Payment Gateway integration for Vivocalendar

Square Payments (coming soon)

Square Payment Gateway integration for Vivocalendar

Mollie Payments (coming soon)

Mollie Payment Gateway integration for Vivocalendar

Razorpay Payments (coming soon)

Razorpay Payment Gateway integration for Vivocalendar

Vipps Payments (coming soon)

Vipps Payment Gateway Feature for Vivocalendar

Local Payments

Local Payment Feature for Vivocalendar

Payment links for appointments

Create and send the payment links for appointments to your customers

WooCommerce Integration (coming soon)

Receive your payments with any payment gateways which is available for WooCommerce

Deposit Payments

Request up-front payments to secure against unexpected occasions


Easy financial operations with separated tax accounting


Facilitated billing process through online invoicing


Empower Generosity - Introducing our Donations Feature


Streamline coupons or discount offers from the appointment booking system


Reward clients by presenting them giftcards

Group Appointment

Define the limits of your appointments to reach your maximum capacity

Recurring Appointments

One-click support to set recurring appointments

Custom Appointment Statuses

Create custom statuses for the Appointments, use them to filter your Workflow actions, etc.

Multiple Locations

Management of all locations through a single platform

Multi-level Categories

Arrange operations by setting the right order of service categories

Extra Services

Create additional services under your main services and set specific adjustments for extras

Visual Translator Module

Easily translate the booking panel into any language you prefer

User Role Manager

Create roles with desired permissions, and assign your staff to these roles

Dedicated Dashboard

Validate the performance of your business with multi-layer filtering and an extensive reporting module

Google ReCAPTCHA Integration

Avoid any spammers or bots entering into your system with a secured gateway

Manageable Calendar

Easy track of staff schedules with daily\weekly\monthly filters

Breaks, Days-off, etc

A single calendar to balance work and break times


Display non-working days to avoid customers’ making appointments

Reporting Module

Anaylze the effectiveness of business operations by location, staff, services, and their earnings

Bring People with You

Allow customers to bring more people with them to the same appointment

RTL Support

Sleek design and simple interface for users from all languages

Continue with Google

Allow customers to fill the fields easly

Continue with Facebook

Automatically fill users’ data with Facebook authorization

Divi Integration

Seamlessly Incorporate Vivocalendar with Your Divi-Powered Website

OTP sms verification

Streamline your verification process and reduce no-shows with OTP SMS verification.

Booking Limit manager

Set limits to ensure balanced schedules and exceptional service quality.

Ratings & Reviews

Let customers share their thoughts about your services and staff

Outlook Integration

Effectively manage your schedule with a shared calendar

Use all these features with Vivocalendar