Enterprise Scheduling Software

that solves demanding needs

The software adapts to various business sectors, accommodating their distinct processes and configurations. It is the quintessential solution for business growth, boosting customer engagement across all sales channels.

What Vivocalendar Offers Enterprises

Omni Channel Solution

Boost conversions by letting clients book appointments from your website, social media, email links, or ads. Our software shows consultants' real-time availability, facilitating timely bookings when interest is peak. Our omnichannel solution is also available as a client white label.

Personalized Account Manager

Your designated account manager will be on standby to assist with technical queries, training, or new features. Enjoy direct communication through a dedicated Slack channel and benefit from exceptional live customer support for your team.

Data Protection and Security

Vivocalendar follows GDPR. We ensure data protection through secure communications and daily backups within our global server network for speed and regional privacy compliance. Explore detailed security insights.

Integration & API

Add our scheduling tool to your Website, social platforms, or use our API. Get updates via callback URL for booking changes, and easily integrate this data into any system for analysis.

Enterprise Dedicated servers

For enterprises needing greater capacity and top-tier security, we offer dedicated servers. These can handle more bookings, API calls, and unlimited users and can often be located in your preferred country.

Automated Load Queue Management

With unexpected traffic spikes, our Automated Queue Load Manager places clients in an organized line, showing queue progress. Ideal for flash promotions or high-demand services like Covid vaccinations.

Core Attributes of Enterprise Solutions

Central Office Dashboard

Senior management can see all branches, while regional/local managers can only oversee their specific systems and KPIs via a tiered dashboard. Monitor branch performance, top providers, and reviews. Effortlessly adjust any subsystem as needed.

Effortless Cluster Administration.

Manage and handle payments for all your company branches or subsystems through one unified interface. Track subscription levels, SMS, bookings, and ticket credits for each branch via the central office dashboard. Different departments may require varied features and bookings, with subscriptions tailored to those specifics. Adding or removing branches from your subscription is straightforward.

Group Events

Set up group sessions, adjust class attributes, set pricing, and restrict access via private links.

Manage team members

We don't set boundaries on your team size. You're free to add endless users with unique appointment categories and availability.

Ticket Management System

The ticketing function lets you generate tickets after a booking. Clients receive their ticket by email once they schedule an appointment. With the Admin app or web platform, you can scan this ticket when the client arrives. Utilize the ticket notification to alert other systems of the client's presence.


We offer a range of customizable features to tailor the online scheduling system to your needs. Whether it's gathering client information pre-appointment, accepting payments during booking, or more, we've got you covered. Consult with our account managers to identify the best features for your requirements.


For enterprises with locations nationally or globally, our scheduling software stands out. It enables appointment scheduling across varied time zones and is available in 28 languages.

Boost Conversion

By facilitating effortless appointment scheduling for clients!

Reach out to our specialist to discover how Vivocalendar can boost your enterprise’s website performance.

Enhance Conversion

Secure communication with daily data backups

Features such as HIPAA, SOAP, Password security, and SSL ensure the utmost protection of your data. Additionally, we provide SSO and maintain ISO27001 compliance. Our dedicated security officer oversees your business’s safety with us.

Increase Conversion


Planning Process





User Cases

Vivocalendar’s enterprise solution caters to businesses of all sizes and types. You have the option of a dedicated server for enhanced security, superior performance, and handling high volumes of API calls.

We value the privacy of our enterprise users

Daily data backups and secure communication

At Vivocalendar, we value and respect our clients’ privacy. We don’t showcase logos without consent. Your company’s confidentiality is paramount. Reach out to hear success stories shared with discretion.

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